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2015 Juffer Riesling Trocken GG from Fritz Haag

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

I really loved this wine, partially because I’d forgotten how much I love Riesling. I got lucky that the friend I was meeting works for Howard Ripley, who specialises in German wines. This was lovely and mineral, with some nice roundess, which I think comes from time on the lees. Riesling seems to be a bit hit or miss with my friends, so I haven’t tried as many as I’d like to.

Fritz Haag is a winery nestled in the Mosel and has been around for actual ages. The first record of the winery was in 1605, which is older than, you know, some countries. Oliver Haag and his wife Jessica are the current showrunners at the estate.

My German Riesling aficionado friend explained the “GG” on the label to me this way; the new generation of German Riesling producers are looking for a way to differentiate the quality of the wines, the cru, without referring to the sweetness level, which they feel should be separate and that dry (trocken) rieslings should have some qualifiers as well. GG stand for “Grosses Gewächs” and is an indicator that the wine is from a vineyard classified as a “great site”. The body that governs the classification is the Verband Beutscher Prädikatsweingüter.

The Juffer vineyard, located just outside the village of Brauneberg, is farmed by a handful of producers, not just owned by one (one source I looked at likened it to the method of Burgundy). I am not a connoisseur of Riesling by any means, and I’m very new to vineyard-specific RIeslings. If this is the example to go by, however, I will very happily be doing more experimentation.

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